The Marble Caves: A Patagonia Must-See

We took a few small trips while we were residents of Patagonia, one of which was to the Marble Caves. You can visit the Marble Caves from either Puerto Tranquilo or Chile Chico, but we had been advised to go out of Puerto Tranquilo. The boat trip out from Puerto Tranquilo is closer and quicker, so you don’t end up spending the majority of your time in transit.

We planned on hitchhiking out to Puerto Tranquilo, but a bus ended up passing by and picking us up for about $4 USD, so we took that option. When we got into town, there were a few tour companies open. There was another pair of travelers looking for a tour, so as a group, we talked our price down to $8000 Chilean pesos each ($12 USD). The total trip last about an hour and a half and included a tour guide.

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During the boat trip, you pass through the Marble Caves, the Marble Cathedral, and the Marble Chapel, all of which have been aptly named after their shape and structure. These incredible natural formations have been created by over 6,000 years of waves hitting the calcium carbonate. They are found on the second largest freshwater lake in South America, Lago General Carrera. For the price, this tour is completely worthwhile; the pictures really speak for themselves.

-XO Emily


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  1. says:

    Another excellent job of reporting–so concise and yet complete! Makes the reader want to go there as soon as possible!

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    1. Thank you! Love you ❤


  2. Emily Jane says:

    Another Emily 😀
    These photos are incredible, they look more like paintings!

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    1. Haha always good to meet another Emily 🙂 The pictures can barely do it justice – definitely one of nature’s wonders.

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  3. Wow never seen caves like that before, going on the to-do list for when I get myself to Patagonia!

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    1. You have to go if you’re in southern Chile! Absolutely worth the trip.


  4. We were there just a couple of weeks ago. So beautiful! Although riding on the water is a little cold, our guide said the best time to visit is on Winter when the water is lower.


    1. So glad you enjoyed the trip! We were there in summertime and still had to bundle up, so I can imagine it was even colder recently, but you probably had such amazing views of the caves!

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