Trying to Find a Balance

It was a long Tuesday and we hiked roughly 5 miles and 2,000 feet down from the Pumamarca ruins. Wait. We haven’t even been traveling a full week yet.

This has been a theme that comes up almost every day. Whether it’s the realization that we feel like we’re not getting in every little hike, trip, or visit or that we have roughly 359 days left on this journey.

In Lima we were a little frantic since we had just begun this journey and we tried to hit the most important sights in 2 days. When we got to Ollaytamtambo we were immediately hit with all the possible treks and sights to see, a little overwhelming. We soon came to the understanding that we won’t be able to see and do every little thing there is to do. We’re working on making sure to get advice and “reviews” from as many people as possible to make sure we have ideal itineraries.

The past 6 days has felt like weeks since we have been trying to fit in as much as possible. We have roughly 359 days left… 359. Roughly finished 1.6% of the trip. We have plenty of time as well as plenty to see. Sometimes we’ll feel like we spent too long in an area and sometimes we’ll feel like we didn’t have enough time.

One step at a time and it’s slowly coming together.


– William Tyler “TDubb” “Sasquatch” Weihs

P.S. Trying to Find a Balance – Atmosphere

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  1. Patrick Turner says:

    Saw the title and knew this one had to be by tdubb! So jelly man let me know if you find any sacred geometry in the ruins down there!! – hotdogtruck
    P.s. Smart went nuts and rode a unicorn through the storm


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